Addressing the challenges of collecting and analyzing VOCs in ambient air.

TO-15 is a performance-based method prepared by the EPA as a guidance document for monitoring subsets of those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are mentioned in Title III of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. The EPA method used to test VOCs is with canister collection methods and analyzed using a GC/MS.

Metiri Group labs use stainless steel canisters (summas), Tedlar bags, and Bottle-Vacs for TO-15 sample collection, with the most common contaminated sites being gas stations, car stores, auto shops, dry cleaners and printing presses. It's not uncommon for Metiri Group laboratories to process 750 samples in one month. Offering their expertise to consultants, municipalities, regulatory agencies and industrial facilities.

TO-15 testing is an emerging challenge for everyone in the industry.  VOC identification continues to evolve and Metiri Group is committed to active research, investment and activation to address the changing landscape of TO-15 testing.

The TO-15 Challenge

With 97 volatile organic compounds and over 189 air pollutants listed in the Clean Air Act, Metiri Group recognizes the immense TO-15 challenge we face today. Metiri Group endeavors to be one of the first laboratory networks to incorporate new lists and limits to stay ahead of the curve and evolve with the arising difficulties.

With an established rigorous training program, Metiri Group ensures that personnel are aware of the high expectations for quality scientific contribution.

Metiri Group offers the newest analytical techniques and methods including:

Full Scan

Selective Ion Monitoring

Metiri Group is equipped to contribute solutions to the TO-15 challenge.

Air quality testing requires resources, training and expertise. Across the MidAtlantic, Midwest and West Coast regions of the U.S., Metiri Group’s laboratories are dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable and timely test results.

Metiri Group offers its decades of experience with a wide range of sites and properties to consultants, municipalities, regulatory agencies and industrial facilities.

Metiri Group’s team will focus on your project from start to finish, ensuring that you have proactive customer service and high-quality results to help you better engage with the TO-15 issue.


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Learn more about Metiri Group