Metiri Group serves clients from municipalities, engineering firms, and both the commercial and residential sectors. Our team is certified to assist you in all of your auditing needs, including an entire review of all state compliance reporting.

treatment plant audits

Treatment Plant Audits

Metiri Group staff performs plant and compliance audits for facilities of all sizes. These audits will determine the overall plant performance and identify any issues. The audit will be followed by a report prioritizing the issues or potential issues at the plant.

If requested, this audit can include an entire review of all state compliance reporting. The plant auditor will verify that all reports are correct and updated as required. Upon completion of the audit, Metiri Group staff will provide solutions to remedy any issues located in the audit to ensure the plant can perform at its most efficient level.

Laboratory audits

Laboratory Audits

Metiri Group can perform a laboratory audit based on Chapter 252 and the TNI Checklist sections for accredited methods and any process control methods.

  • Proficiency Testing
  • General Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Water and Wastewater sampling and analysis
  • Microbiology Requirements
  • Chemical Requirements
  • Provide formal report of audits including any deficiencies and applicable suggestions

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