Metiri Group Hires Corporate Controller

21 May 2024

Metiri Group Hires Corporate Controller

26 May 2024

Voller brings years of expertise to the accounting department

Metiri Group has welcomed Nicholas Voller as Corporate Controller. With twelve years of corporate accounting experience within various industries, Voller is an exciting addition to Metiri Group’s leadership. 

Voller brings to Metiri Group expertise in improving accounting processes and leading revenue-generating and cost-saving initiatives, all to support strategic planning and growth. He has previously applied his knowledge and skills to international franchise and research organizations.

“Metiri Group’s foundation of respect and transparency aligns with my personal and professional morals and values,” Voller stated. “All parties involved in this venture are on a common mission to inform decision makers on how to protect the future of our planet.”

Metiri Group Hires Corporate Controller Nicholas Voller

Voller’s career has been defined by building strong financial statements to foster business growth opportunities. By focusing on forming business relationships at all levels, he has implemented controls and processes that strengthen bonds across company functions.

“Nic will play a critical role at Metiri Group in building out systems and processes that will support growth and enable leaders to run the business with more accurate and timely information,” said Ron Markle, CFO. “His experience is a great fit for Metiri Group and I look forward to working with Nic and seeing him thrive in this role.”

“I have witnessed what medical research companies can do for the betterment of mankind, and now I am excited for this opportunity to support the evolution of what mankind can do for the betterment of our existence on Earth,” said Voller.

Established in 2019, Metiri Group has focused on using full-service environmental laboratories to deliver testing services to inform the decisions that improve the lives of people and the planet. 

In addition to its analytical capabilities, Metiri Group aims to deliver exceptional value to a range of clients, from industrial and corporate clients, municipal water systems, environmental consultants and engineers, and local, state and federal government.

Metiri Group continues to strive to be the first choice for environmental analytical laboratory services.

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